Daniel Kent (PDF)
Art21Studio (PDF)
Won Lee (PDF)
Francisco Sanmiguel (PDF)
Taller De Grabado Chapultepec (PDF)
Taller Gráfica Contemporánea (PDF)


acrylics and inks


sculptural works produced by the studio

396 Affected

sculptural installation

Tribulaciones Del Migrante

sculptural installation

Graven Narratives

prints from contemporary
engraving workshops in Guadalajara

Curated by Michael Mehl
in coordination with Daniel Kent
and Francisco Quiróz

April 28 - June 20, 2011

Instituto Cultural de México
600 Hemisfair Park, San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 227-0123

Presented by Secretaría de Relaciones
Exteriores and Instituto Cultural de México
with support from the City of San Antonio
Office of Cultural Affairs

About Crosswinds


CROSSWINDS is a series of four exhibits that constitute an informal, opinionated survey of artists who live or work in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. The exhibits include paintings, drawings, sculptural works in various media, and engravings.

Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, west of Mexico City, is a city famous for its vibrant visual art. For decades, patrons and collectors have found compelling the exuberant, colorful, narrative manner of artists and artisans (painters, sculptors, engravers, potters, ceramicists, tile workers, etc.) from Guadalajara.

At a remove from most of the artistic influences of Mexico City (the country's main cultural hub where avant-garde trends tend to dominate), artists working in Guadalajara have had ample opportunities to pursue their own unique styles and techniques.

Art enthusiasts among the city's notable families and American expat communities in Chapala and Puerto Vallarta, have helped to promote the work of local artists and artisans in the United States. The galleries of Puerto Vallarta are an important outlet for artwork produced in the region.

Guadalajara is home to Art21Studio, a contract art-production facility focusing on sculptural and other three-dimensional works, as well as surfacing techniques for paintings and murals. Artists from all over the world travel to Zapopan, a suburb of the city where the studio is located, to create and produce work in the studio's facilities. A selection of sculptural works from the studio is included in the exhibit.

There are several influential engraving workshops in Guadalajara, where well-known Mexican artists etch and print their limited-edition graphics. Different styles of engravings from two of these workshops, Taller de Grabado Chapultepec and Taller Gráfica Contemporánea, are featured in this exhibit.

Also on display is the work of Daniel Kent, one of Guadalajara's most prolific and respected visual artists, whose unique style and impeccable technique has earned him accolades from critics and peers. Rounding out the series of exhibits is an elegant, totemic sculptural installation by Francisco Sanmiguel, a resident of Puerto Vallarta; and an engaging installation about primal group dynamics by world-renowned Korean artist Won Lee, who lives part time in Puerto Vallarta and produces work at Art21Studio in Guadalajara.

CROSSWINDS, a component of San Antonio's Sister City Cultural Exchange Initiatives, is presented by the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores and the Instituto Cultural de México in San Antonio, in partnership with the City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs.

Michael Mehl
CROSSWINDS Curator/Producer